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[3/29/14, 10:33:28 PM] Angel Vasquez: [SCENE ONE]
[3/29/14, 10:35:19 PM] Angel Vasquez: Scarfy: " It's been 2 months since she took over" *Running* "She's destroyed 3/4 of the world's population" *Distant explosions* "I don't know where my group is or if they're even alive." *Camera flips* "SHIT SHIT SHIT"
[3/29/14, 10:35:54 PM] Angel Vasquez: *Scarfy picks up camera and watches Tina grab Hulk Hogan by the neck*
[3/29/14, 10:37:01 PM] Angel Vasquez: "Poor man...."
[3/29/14, 10:37:27 PM] Angel Vasquez: *Her head turns 180 degrees and looks at Scarfy*
[3/29/14, 10:37:49 PM] Jake... from StateFarm: Her: *distorted little girl voice* I seeeee youuuuu....
[3/29/14, 10:38:12 PM] Jake... from StateFarm: *She slowly floats towards you*
[3/29/14, 10:39:28 PM] Angel Vasquez: *Scarfy runs and gets pulled into an alley by Jake*

[3/29/14, 10:40:17 PM] Angel Vasquez: [SCENE TWO]
[3/29/14, 10:40:43 PM] Angel Vasquez: *Jake and Scarfy have entered a sewer*
[3/29/14, 10:41:06 PM] Angel Vasquez: Scarfy: "Uhh where are we going?"
[3/29/14, 10:41:41 PM] Angel Vasquez: Jake: "Some where safe...Somewhere she can't find us.."


Just a story my friend Scarfy came up during the time when I drew A-Head in the Game. We should do this more ._.


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Hello there!

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